Showing Tips for Sellers



Whenever possible, leave the property during showings.  Buyers are more comfortable and will remain to look longer and “say more” if they feel comfortable.  Put yourself in their place.


Leave your outside lighting on in the evening, especially following a daytime showing and especially in the winter months.  Buyers will be driving by and the warm, welcome of lights is always a buyer’s delight, especially when they have been shown the property during the daylight hours and are returning before making the decision.


Light switches – if switches are meant to be on or if the switch also controls an answering machine, light, VCR, etc.  place a piece of tape over it so that it will not be turned off by accident by the agent and/or the prospective buyers while viewing the property.


If you leave a door unlocked, such as from your garage into your breezeway or “the back door is always open” and it is to be left unlocked.  Mark it as such.  We are trained to lock every door and will do so automatically.


Leaving your property, short or long term, have you made arrangements to have the lawns mowed, trimmed, raked and watered during a dry spell?


Leaving your property in the winter, short or long term, have the sidewalks and drives shoveled and plowed.  Trudging through ice/snow can greatly discourage a buyer.


When at all possible have the heat kept on.  Buyers want to feel warm and at home in your home.


When you know a showing is scheduled, boil a stick of cinnamon in some water; it will smell like you just baked an apple pie.  Again that at home feeling for the buyers, even though they may never ever bake an apple pie at home.


When you know a showing is scheduled, leave a radio on one of the FM stations that plays “soft” music all day.


DO YOU HAVE A JACUZZI or jet tub?  If these items are not used regularly before you market your property, but most importantly BEFORE THE HOME INSPECTION, run the Jacuzzi and/or jet tub.  Some mighty “tasteless” things can imerge when it is not run for long periods of time.


Listing in the late fall, winter or early spring?  Do you have pictures of your home in the various seasons that you could share for a gallery picture.  Buyers will be interest in seeing the grounds at their finest.